Benefits of Yoga in the Morning

Everyone knows that doing yoga is very beneficial and at the same time it is able to keep you away from many types of illnesses. It always keeps you healthy and healthy.

There are ways to do yoga, so you can practice yoga anytime and at any time. But doing yoga in the morning is considered to be more effective. Today you are reading Yoga for Health.

Yoga keeps you calm in every way and enhances the energy in the body as well as helps keep you stress free. It connects you to yourself.

Benefits of Yoga in the Morning
Benefits of Yoga in the Morning 

In this article we are telling you today what kind of benefits you get from doing yoga in the morning and how it is considered to be the most effective time to do yoga.

Keep the process of sleep and hormones correct

If you practice yoga every morning, it keeps your sleep process healthy.It exerts a positive effect on the endocrine system in the body.Which is why it balances hormones easily.It regulates melatonin, a hormone that induces sleep in the body.Keeps more healthyIn one study it has been proven that people who get up early and exercise in the morning are much healthier.These people do not have much fatigue compared to other people and they feel fresh all day.You should do your yoga postures just before 8am.

Increases metabolism

Doing yoga every morning increases metabolism in the body.
It also keeps your digestive system healthy.Increased metabolism in the body reduces fat very quickly.If you do yoga in the morning, then the fat in the stomach is also reduced very quickly.Also, doing yoga in the morning gives your body energy for the whole day.Works like caffeineBy doing yoga in the morning, it works like caffeine in the body.It transmits oxygen well into your body as well as circulates blood.Makes you feel refreshed and refreshed.Make yoga your morning habit as you wake up in the morning, drink tea or coffee and freshen up.After doing yoga in the morning you will feel more energetic which will increase your productivity.

Keeps you from being lazy

When you do yoga in the morning, it provides good stretching to your body.Because of this stretching, you can keep yourself out of the sluggishness of the day.At the same time, you are able to do your tasks quickly.With the practice of yoga, you make your body flexible and your body muscles become very strong.Because of this, your body is able to stay active all day.In this article above, we told you today that if you practice yoga in the morning it will be very beneficial for you.

It is necessary to have immunity in the body because the more it stays, the stronger the body remains and the body gets the power to fight against diseases.

Due to today's diet and lifestyle, our immune system is not strong enough to fight against diseases. 

Due to which our body is soon surrounded by diseases.

The Immun System is a large and organized network of cells, tissues, and organs that protect the body from germs, viruses, and microorganisms.

It can be overcome by the immune system. Therefore it is necessary that your immune system is good.

Yoga plays an important role in enhancing immunity. 

The body can be kept healthy by increasing immunity through yoga. 

There are specific yoga poses that make your immune system strong. Know that there are some Yoga for immunity that can keep the body away from diseases.

Yoga for Immunity

Palm tree

It is also called Mountain Pose.This mudra can be done at any time of the day.
For this you only need to give 10-20 seconds.
Just while doing this asana, keep in mind that your stomach is empty at that time.
Tadasana smooths the digestive system and increases your immunity.


  • It is also called Big Toe Pose. This is a simple posture.
  • This asana helps to pull your muscles from head to toe.
  • This posture should be done on an empty stomach in the morning for at least 30 seconds.
  • If you are unable to practice posture in the morning, you can do it even 4 hours before the meal in the evening.
  • This asana relieves stress and anxiety. It improves digestion.
  • Tree plantation
  • In this posture, the position of the body is similar to that of a tree, that is why it is called Vriksasana.
  • You have to keep your eyes open for this posture.
  • Vrikshasana makes your spine strong.
  • It improves your mental abilities.


  • It is also called triangle pose. To maintain balance in this posture, keep your eyes open while doing the asana.
  • It is best to practice this asana in the morning.
  • This asana increases concentration and balance.
  • It calms the mind and takes away stress.


  • In uttakasana you need to sit on an imaginary chair.
  • This asana should be done empty stomach in the morning.
  • It balances your body, and stimulates your heart.
  • By practicing all the above postures, you can increase your immune system. Apart from this, Bhujangasana and Matsyasana can also be practiced.

What are benefits of yoga

what are benefits of yoga

Exercise of body and mind: If you go to the gym, it will keep your body healthy, but what about the mind. At the same time, if you take the help of yoga, then it will make your body as well as your mind and mind.

Will run away from diseases: You can also get rid of diseases by practicing yoga. Yoga increases the power to fight against diseases. Yoga makes the body healthy and healthy.

Weight control: Yoga reinforces the muscles and makes the body healthy, on the other hand, fat can also be reduced from the body by yoga.
With Yoga Benefits, you can keep yourself fit, apart from curing many diseases. Mostly you must have seen elders doing yoga, but did you know that there are some yoga poses that children can keep themselves healthy and fit by doing Yoga For Kids.

If you also want your child to never face problems like Diabetes Home Remedies, High Cholesterol and Obesity, then do some regular yoga. With them, the mental development of the child will also be well. Learn about these yoga asanas.

Happy baby pose

By doing this yoga, the body and mind of the child remain calm. It also relieves the child from problems like stress and fatigue. By doing this, the body remains flexible and there is no problem of joint pain.

Butterfly pose
The mind and body relax with this yogasana. It also increases immunity and brings energy to the body. In addition, it also increases the body's metallism rate.

Snack pose yoga

By doing this, the bones of the spine are strengthened and the body gets flexibility. Lung cleaning is done. This eliminates the risk of asthma or any kind of lung problem Digestion is also better than this.

Tree pose yoga

By doing this Yogasana, concentration increases in children. By doing this, a balance is established between the mind and body of the children. This increases the power of thinking and understanding.

Benefits of Yoga for children

This keeps the flexibility of the children's bodbodiesisease resistance increases, s that they stay away from diseases. Self-confidence increases. It helps in the social and mental development of the child. This makes them smarter and smarter.

Types of Yoga Asanas Poses for Beginners

3 Easy Yogasan Types of Yoga Asanas Poses for Beginners

Yoga Yoga is the best exercise for our body which helps us to be physically and mentally healthy. Yoga keeps our body healthy both inside and outside.

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Some people do not do yoga because they feel that yoga is very difficult or they will not be able to do it. Some people start yoga with some Yoga Poses which are a little difficult and provide difficulty in getting started, due to which they leave Yoga.

The beginning of yoga should always be done with some easy Yoga Poses as it can be a bit difficult to do it for the first time. If you are going to start doing yoga, then you can practice the following yoga postures, it is very easy and also beneficial for health.


Method -

First of all, stand straight and keep a distance between the two legs.
Then slowly turn downwards to form a V like Shape.
As you can see in the photo above, make a little second between both hands and feet.
While breathing, pull your waist backward with the help of your feet. Do not bend your legs and arms.
By doing this, the back of your body, arms and legs will get a good stretch.
Take a long breath and stay in this yoga pose for some delay.

Benefits of Adho Mukha Svanasana Yoga

The muscle is strong.
Sinus problems are solved.
The body gets a good stretch.
Blood circulation improves.

First of all, stand straight with the help of your feet.
Make a little space between your two legs.
After that, with the help of the fingers of your feet with a long breath, lift the body up slightly and raise both your hands slowly. After that, connect the fingers of one hand with the fingers of one hand.
Stay in this posture for at least 15-30 seconds and pull your body upward.
After that, slowly bring your hands to the normal position.

Benefits of Tadasana Yoga 

This asana proves more beneficial for those who want to increase their length.
The posture improves.
Keeps you from spinal problems.

Steps of Sukhasana Yoga
Method -

First of all, place a carpet on the floor and bend both legs.
Feet bend in such a way that the lower part of one leg is seen outside and the other under the thighs of the next leg.
Then sit upright and keep your reed bone straight.
Place the palms of both your hands on your knees and hold the Jnana Mudra.
Breathe in slowly and exhale slowly.

Benefits of Sukhasana Yoga 

The bone of the reed is scratched which helps the reed bone to lengthen.
The width of the chest increases.
The mind gets peace.
Diseases associated with anxiety, stress and mental fatigue are overcome.
Mostly, our waist starts hurting due to sitting or sitting for long periods of time. Back pain problems have become common in today's modern life. Yoga can be resorted to avoid this problem. You can do this Yogasan anytime with ease and get rid of back pain.

How can these asanas be done to relieve back pain?

You can do these Yogasanas anytime and anywhere. Like in an office chair, airplane yoga, in front of your TV, at break time or on a yoga mat.

Sit comfortably in good governance. Keep the waist straight and leave the shoulders loose. Don't forget to keep a smile on your face. If you want to do this Yogasana by standing, then keep your feet in a straight line.

Pull your spine upwards.

Inhale, slowly raise both arms upwards.

Fuse your fingers in such a way that both the thumbs touch each other comfortably.

Relax and pull the body completely without undue stress. Keep elbows straight. Pay attention that your arms touch your ear.

In this position, take 2-3 deep breaths while remaining stationary.

An easy suggestion for deepening the stretch in the waist: gently pull the navel inward towards the waist.

Twisting the spine to right and left

Your palms are still tied above the head.

Exhaling, turn slowly to your right. Stay in the same position for some time and take 2-3 long deep breaths.

Breathing in, return to your center.

While exhaling again, slowly turn to your sister. Stay in the same position for some time and take 2-3 long deep breaths.

Breathe and return to your center.

Bending the spine right and left

Your palms are still tied above the head.

Breathing out, slowly lean to your right. Stay in the same position for some time and take long deep breaths.

Breathing in, return to your center.

While exhaling again, slowly turn to your sister. Note that you do not bend forward or backward while making it easy. You should not create more stretch in one hand than the other.

Breathe and return to your center.

Tip: While doing this easy, you can also pull your abdominal muscles in to keep your spine straight.

Bending the spine forward and backward

Make the bindings of your hands and pull your hands forward while exhaling.

Take a deep long breath and while exhaling, push your body forward from the lower back.

Inhale and while exhaling, pull your entire body to the right. The two hands are parallel to each other and both hands should have equal stretching. If you feel that you are not able to do the posture properly, then try to get into the right position slowly.

Breathing in, come to your center.

Exhale, turn to your sister and create a stretch from your waist to your hands.

Breathing in, return to your center and slowly raise your hands upwards.

Open your fingers and pull yourself backward.

Breathe in and return to your center. While exhaling, bring your hands down slowly.

Benefits of this Yogasana: By stretching your hands backward, massaging the muscles of the lower back gives a good massage.

 Twisting the spine from side-to-side

Place your left hand on your right knee. Take a long deep breath and while exhaling, turn to your right. You can place your right hand on the ground near your right knee.

While pressing your right hand on the ground, pull yourself upwards. Take care not to lean forward or backward.

Breathing back to your center.

Exhale and repeat the entire process with the left hand. Place your right hand on your left knee and your left hand on the ground. Take care that you keep your spine straight and stable.

Breathe in and return to your center.

Change the position of your feet in your quartet (alti-palate). If you had your left foot on the right foot, now place your right foot on your left foot and repeat the process mentioned above.

Tip: In addition to your hip muscles, while doing this Yogasan, you should also use your abdominal muscles.

Benefits of all direction back stretch

This asana makes the body stable.

Strengthens the muscles of the back and abdomen.

Relaxes the back.

This is a good way to warm up the body before yoga.

By practicing these yoga san daily, the strength of lungs increases.

Note: This Yogasana should be done only after the advice of a doctor. Slip disc patients can get great comfort with these asanas. You can do this Yogasan at your home by learning from a Sri Yoga instructor.

This article has been written under the direction of Dr. Sejal Shah, Sri Yoga instructor. All the Yogasanas written above make the muscles of the waist strong and cause stretch in them. With these yogas, the reed bone is exercised well. These yoga sans also work on the abdominal muscles.

If you are facing any physical problem or emotional stress is affecting your personal life, then in this state, definitely take recourse to yoga. Change your lifestyle through yoga by filling the form below.

What is Tadasana Yoga?

Tadasana yoga is less praised. This makes the whole body flexible as well as prevents it from becoming stiff and stiff.

 It is a yoga practice that not only makes the muscles but also the muscles of the small muscles very flexible.

 And in this way, the body plays a very big role in making the body light and relaxed and loosen. 

This yoga practice not only keeps you fit but also gives your body shapely and beauty. The extra fat that is deposited in the body melts and brings new beauty to your personality. 

Along with the benefits, there are some precautions. Benefits and method of Tadasana

Different names of Tadasana Yoga
Tadasana is known by various names like:

Partisan: It is also called Parvat Yoga Mudra because it looks stable and calm like a mountain.
Palm Tree Yoga: It is known as Palm Tree because it looks tall like a palm tree.
Heavenly Yoga: It is also known as heavenly posture because in this the seeker seems to be pulling himself towards heaven.

How to do Tadasana?

Tadasana is very easy to practice. To get the most out of it, you have to do it with the right method.

For this, first, you stand up and keep your waist and neck straight.

Now put your hand over the head and while breathing, slowly pull the entire body.
Feel the stretch from toe to toe.

Keep this state for some time and breathe out.
Then while exhaling, slowly bring your hands and body to the first position.

In this way, a cycle was completed.
Practice it at least three to four times.
 Benefits of Tadasana Yoga
The benefits of Tadasana Mudra should be counted less. Some important benefits are being mentioned here.

Tadasana to lose weight: If this practice is practiced properly, it can help to reduce abdominal fat to a great extent. Not only abdominal fat, it can play a big role in reducing excess body fat. 

By doing this asana properly, the entire body gets stretched and takes your body in a shapely direction.

To increase the height of Tadasana: This asana is the best yoga practice to increase the height of children. 

This posture is done to children aged 6 to 20 years to increase height. If you do this in front of a yoga expert then the chances of results are greatly increased.

Tadasana for back pain: This asana is very beneficial for back pain. If practiced properly, back pain can be relieved forever. In this, you pull yourself upwards and try to feel the stretch where there is pain.

Tadasana for pain of nerves and muscles: If you are troubled by the pain of nerves, then you should pray. 

This not only reduces the pain of the nerves but also makes the nerves stronger and stronger with the muscles. It also helps in relieving problems like muscle spasms and torsion.

Knee Pain Relief: If you are suffering from knee pain then you should practice this asana. But keep in mind that in this you have to keep your sole on the ground and do not do this asana by coming on the toes.

Teaches the art of walking: people have no idea how to walk. Especially, it gets special attention in the yoga practice of Dr. BK Iyengar. By practicing this easy, you get the art of walking and at the same time, you get away from many troubles.

Tadasana for concentration and balance: By doing this yoga properly, your concentration increases. By practicing it regularly, a significant effect of balance can be seen in the body.

Tadasana strengthens the feet: Tadasana yoga is very beneficial for foot problems like swelling, pain, numbness, burning sensation and tingling.

For Tadasana Psytika: If this asana is done regularly, the pain of the Psytika can be reduced to a great extent.

Tadasana for pain and suffering: By practicing it, the pain and pain of the whole body can be reduced.

 Tadasana precautions

  •  Tadasana should not be done by a seeker who has severe pain in his knee.

  • This posture is forbidden for the proud woman.
  • It should not be practiced when you have a headache.

  • If you are learning to do this asana, then do not do this yoga practice by coming on the fingers of the feet.

  • If this blood pressure is high or low, then this asana should be avoided.